A Journey That Will Pass in Just a Moment

Look over your shoulder and glance at the well-traveled and worn road behind you.

Look ahead down the paved road as far as you can see.
Naturally, it will appear that you still have a long way to go.

Remember the passengers you’ve picked up along the way
and how they helped you pass the time on your journey
Many of whom who suddenly jumped from the car with their baggage still left in your trunk.

Love the new travelers that now sit in the seat to your right.
Those who sing with you the happy tune that is now on the radio.

Be proud of the way you’ve maneuvered the precarious roads
and learn from the potholes you’ve hit and the wrong turns you’ve made

Always help the unknown and poor travelers on the cold road.
Those who need a lift will carry with them
priceless gifts and wisdom that will help you along your way.

Don’t always take the highway.
Drive the more circuitous route
for that is where life’s joy can be found.
Remember the old adage that it’s not about the destination…

Those of us who have traveled the full journey with you remain seated proudly in the back with a tear on our face;
we pear out the window at the trees and houses as they quickly pass by.
We will always be with you through your journey even after we can travel no more.

Take the time to look around at this stop along the road,
replenish your weary body and mind,
and savor the beautiful and sometimes harsh world around you
for this is where you are today.
This is where you are now,
the place that you will never pass through again.

And so, today you reach an important mile marker on the long journey,
a journey that will make you laugh, love, scream, and cry,
a journey that will pass in just a moment.

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